• Most versatile solution for planning and modelling with Power BI & MS SQL Server


  • Ultimate Power and Flexibility For Your Planning Process

    Leveraging the most powerful and versatile (Gartner Quadrant, Forrester) business intelligence platform: Microsoft SQL & Power BI Agility Planning offers unparalleled business modelling and planning options.


    Agility Planning enables business users without special IT skills to get started with a few clicks and build their required models using a wide set of flexible connectors from accounting systems (e.g. SAP, Xero, Saasu, MYOB etc.), CRM (Salesforce, etc), marketing resources (Google, Facebook, etc.) or nearly any other structured data source.

    • Prepared For The Future:
      Effectively budget, forecast and simulate all aspects of your business model
    • Unparalleled Power
      Latest In-Memory Technology enabling unparalled processing power of millions of planning transactions in seconds
    • All Platforms:
      Flexible Excel Add-in, Power BI Visual, Web and Mobile

    Agility Planning Concept & Overview

  • World Class Features

    Effective Planning

    Planning and budgeting have never been easier: use extensive options for top/down bottom planning on any level of the model supported by intelligent distribution, copying and forecasting methods. For example, simulating a 10% overall increase and applying it to all entries on detail level based on existing distribution patterns.

    Powerful Modelling

    Easily create powerful, interactive business models either from scratch or connected with your accounting and other data to test different business scenarios, simulate business changes like introduction of new products, reorganisations and parameter changes (currencies rates, interest, etc.).

    Flexible Reporting & Dashboards

    Horses for courses… Agility Planning's multi-platform approach enables users to work from the front end that's best suited for their needs. A flexible Excel Add-in for finance professionals that require flexibility and the power of Excel. A native integration with a Power BI visual in conjunction with data discovery and interactive dashboards and finally web reporting and mobile apps for large scale report deployment.

    Unparalleled Performance using in Memory Modelling Engine

    Agility Planning utilises it's own revolutionary, new in memory OLAP engine that enables unparalleled performance for write back and data modelling on the proven MS SQL platform. As opposed to typical OLAP engines that require separate multi dimensional storage Agility Planning works straight on the relational tables that are loaded in RAM memory without a need for building and maintaining a separate database layer.

    Advanced Analytics

    Easily extend your model with powerful statistical and machine learning algorithms (e.g. regression, clustering, etc.) to enable data driven prediction/forecasting based and writing the results back as scenarios in Agility Planning.

    Tailored Workflows

    Agility Planning integrates with Microsoft latest technologies like Powerapps and Microsoft Flow that enable you to easily design workflows that integrate with your existing email, office productivity and a variety of other sources. This could include automated notifications, approval processes and receipt handling among many other use cases.

    One Click Data Source Connectors/Data Warehouse Automation

    Build your models with a click with a wide range of connectors for accounting systems (e.g. SAP, Xero, Saasu, MYOB etc.), CRM (Salesforce, etc.), marketing resources (Google, Facebook, etc.) or nearly any other structured data source. Using optional, comprehensive data warehouse automation templates user can also facilitate the process for the creation of a professional data warehouse (automated ETL scripts, star schema and cube creation).

    Cloud or On Premise

    Use the scalability and security of Microsoft Azure or run on your own on premise SQL Server

    Exact User Rights

    Agility Planning enables you to setup exact user rights: what details users can access, where they can edit etc. Reports will automatically consider user rights and only display what information and features are available to the current user.

  • How It Works

    Agility Plannings offers different front ends a web based modeller and admin console, a flexible Excel Add-in, a Power BI Visual, web and different mobile apps. In all these environments users get powerful easy to use planning and modelling features (similar to TM1, Jedox, Infor Alea and other in memory OLAP engines) as demonstrated in this video:

    Agility Planning Demo

  • Sample Dashboard

    Create completely customisable interactive dashboards with planning functionality in a few minutes. All items (filters and data objects) are clickable and all the other items will show details for this selection. Try it out below (navigate through different dashboard types with the arrows at the bottom):

  • Coming Soon...

    Agility Planning will be launched in Q3 2017.


    We are currently running an invitation only trial program. If you are interested please contact us here Contact Agility Planning




    Web browser (Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer) for modelling and system administration

    Power BI Desktop or Web Service to run Agility Planning's native Write-Back/Planning Visual

    Excel: >2013 (Excel Add-in)



    Cloud: Agility Planning will automatically provision required Azure SQL storage subscription.

    On Premise: MS SQL >Version 2014


    The online setup process only takes a few minutes to setup the sample model and try it from Excel from your web browser, native mobile device apps or with Microsoft Power BI.



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